Comparing Yourself with your Old-Self! Steps to apply for being the NEW YOU!

Comparison is great , only when you do it between your new and your old self! It’s never too late to do something for yourself and making yourself proud and happy :)

I never knew, I would turn out to be like this. I never knew that I would be someone who will be writing on this topic , but here I am writing one.

It was like a month ago, when I felt like I was the one who is left out from everything, I was the lone soul , the person who over think a lot , the person who who would wish the worst for her. But , as time passes by something changes every time , some happens for the good and some happens for the bad. But, this time something good happened with me , I evolved into someone new though I have the same old me in the new me, but with some evolvement . I remember vividly, how every second I would complain about myself, how I would wish the worst for me , then I realized how wrong I was , how stupid of me to wish something evil like that to myself, and I learned my lesson and started this journey once again on my own!

The things that helped me to be the better me were just few, it just needed the exact time to know who I was and what I actually need for myself.

1. I started to ask questions with myself.

To start something for yourself , you don’t need some fancy diaries or some fancy journal . You just need yourself present there at that moment. I made a copy where I started writing questions for Self-Improvement and Self-Discovery . I took the help of google for it . I have attached link to go through the questions so that you know which question you need to ask yourself . Then write the question and be true and write answers , since, I like to make it a bit attractive so I used red pen for the questions and Black pen for the answers.

This helps you to know who you actually are and what you want to actually be! Just you can start your day with the questions and answers, do this whenever you like to do whether as the first thing in the morning or do it at the time where you think you will get all the peace that you want, but do it.

These are the links that I used for the Self-Improvement questions.

These are the links from which I used for searching self- discovering questions.

2. I started to practice Yoga !

Exercise is the prose , but Yoga is the poetry of the movements . Once you understand its grammar ; you will transcend your limitation and form your own movements.

Yes, it is true I felt like all my bones are on fire. Yes, it pains like hell , you feel like why on earth did I start such thing. But, believe me , you will feel happy if you just do it. You can feel it in your heart, you can feel yourself improving everyday . “Minor acts matters”, my friend. Just start with some breathing exercises at first then take a pose and excel at it within 3 days, then take another and continue the journey.

3. I started writing Positive Affirmations.

Yes, it does sound silly, but it works, honestly. Yeah, at first when I came across this idea my thoughts were like, “Seriously! positive affirmations? have you lost your mind?” But, I tried , everyday I write at least 5 affirmations and start my day with it. And the changes that I have seen in me is , whenever I feel like I am about to let my negative thoughts enter my mind , an inner voice speaks , it says, “ You have come so far, you have struggled so much to keep those thoughts at bay , and you seriously want to let those thoughts enter again?” and then , I work doing something else. I focus on starting something or I start watching series or reading books.

4. I started to change the genre while reading books !

Yes, I know , I know, you maybe feeling , everyone says to read book. I realized something when I started to choose the books that were out of my reading tastes, I have always been a great fan of reading Mystery novels, thrillers ,horror and most specifically Supernatural books . I do read other books like of great leaders, some self-motivational ,too. But, I thought let’s change what I read the most , and let’s read what I read the least. And first few days were like torture for me, each and every part of me were screaming and yelling at me saying, “Go back to the old ones!” , but I didn’t . Yes you need to do this, read some Self-motivational books, some self-help books, some great mentors book . It will change the way you think and the way you see the world.

5. I started getting rid of the toxic people , especially friends who brings negativity around me.

Yeah, the most difficult one , but the most beneficial one. I thought for a moment , why do this person’s presence makes my mood off? Why on earth do I feel like I am infuriating from inside , when I don’t have any connection with the talk? So, my friend these are something that you feel when you are surrounded by such negative friends. I am not saying to abandon , I am just saying spend less time with them. Make them feel like you are not interested at all in their talk and all those dramas. Yes, you will feel like a bitch , but , when it comes to you , be a bitch . It won’t harm you. At the end of the day , you will feel like your own hero and life savior. When you win at doing this , I promise you will feel the happiness all around you. But, you must know who are toxic for you and actually who need you.

6. I implied New way of Letting go !

Let me share you a way , how you can let go of a person or any emotions related to them. Now, I tried this on myself . First of all, I made a mental list of the person whom I am angry at or because of whom I felt insecure or any negative feelings being born due to certain person. And write a message to them , believe me the message will be long , write good things about them , like the things which made you two friends or any things that made a kind of connection between you two. Then, include what you don’t like about them, and at the end of the message or it can be even a letter, write something positive, for e g: “ Hope so you don’t mind, I wanted to tell you, but I was scared , but I collected all my guts to write these. Have a great day!” I am telling you the responses that you get will make your soul happy , you will feel so lightened . It’s never late to say sorry or start something new with them. They are also a human being , the way that they reacted toward you maybe has something to do with their side of story , which you don’t know. So , before making any decision, do think of it and then take action.

7. Finding to do something I love and spending more time on it!

Everyone is born with some uniqueness, whether you will be loving to spend your time learning grammar, or writing poems, or writing stories, or doing something which makes you happy or at least brings smile on your faces.

Now , I am someone who loves to spend time on writing . Everyday I invest more time on writing , editing and reading. These three are something that makes me, me. I am also interested in the Astrology side, so I do some stuffs related to it, I love designing and being creative so I learn Web developing things . But, whatever I do , I give my 100% in it. I do it with all my soul . I know you can do it , too. I was also there , but, I made myself to here by continuously working on myself. Now, it’s your turn to find out what you want to do with yourself.

8. It’s about you !

I know , you maybe having a lot of feelings dancing inside your tiny brain. But, worrying for someone else when they actually don’t need your worrying is wasting your time, your brain power , your positive energy. You wasting your time being angry for someone else’s deed , someone else’s words, is just making you unhappy. Why don’t you start doing something for yourself?

“Every journey is difficult at first , messy at the middle , but, gorgeous at the end.” Maybe it didn’t work at the first , maybe it didn’t even worked at the second , but, did you try for the third? When it comes to you , why don’t you take a chance? Why don’t you control your thoughts? Why don’t you try something for yourself. When it comes to others you give your 100% taking care of themselves , taking their sides. But, when it comes to you why don’t you even give a glance?

Start from right now, ignite the fire inside you ! See yourself as your biggest role model. See yourself as the passionate soul, remember Mr. Bean who taught us so many things about self- love, self-company ,and the power when you become you . No one on this entire universe is like you. You are antique. Shower yourself with love, gifts, happiness. Take a step and when you will reach at the climax remember you are like a toddler who is learning to walk , you will fall, you will get hurt but, once you learn to stand up, nobody can beat you.

Hope this makes some sense. Wishing everyone luck .

Have a great day!




A teenage girl who makes sure the word crafted by her leave a deep impact on every soul.

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Starter_ Startler

Starter_ Startler

A teenage girl who makes sure the word crafted by her leave a deep impact on every soul.

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