How can you be independent?

Independent is not just a thought, it is to bring a set of few steps together to daily action.

Independent is a word that comes into the play a lot. But, have you wondered what it is really like to be independent?

As we surf on the internet we will be finding a lot of different perspective on the term independent. We even pause for a moment just to think that am I really independent? I am just a teenage girl/boy, how can I match the definition and fall in the category of being independent?

According to the article by addicted2sucess, it states, “ Independence refers to all the aspects of your life including financial, career, emotional, personal faith and beliefs.”

And if we compel ourselves for more deep research, we come across as being independent means depending on yourself no matter the number of people is against you.

Everyone comes to the point of life, where they feel scared, unknown, messed up and many more feelings like these. Even we become unsure of what we are actually doing, whom to trust, whom to not, what to do, life feels like a mess, and the feeling goes on and on and on a loop and either we end up getting a headache or end up falling asleep.

I also had been through the above-mentioned scenario in my life. Most of the times those feelings sucks because you don’t actually know what to do to erase all those from your brain.
Then, I started practising a few of the things and developed them into a form of habit. And I am really grateful for the day when I decided to do so. Here are 10 ideas or you can say a set of actions which I practised daily and changed those feeling and made myself my first priority and started walking on the journey of being independent.

Let me share them with you so that at least you will be having some sense of relief. You don't need to follow all, you can just follow a few and make sure of maintaining consistency!

Since consistency is the key!

10 ideas on walking to the journey of being Independent:

  1. Staying Organised
    Now, you may have heard often from most of the famous personalities like Tony Robbin, Mel Robbins, Robin Sharma, Bill Gates and many more motivational speakers that, “ If you want to succeed in your life, start getting organized. Have a sense of time, utilize every second which you have with yourself. Don’t let it go to waste.” Get up on time, maintain a planner where you list out the things which you are going to do for the day. Give more amount of effort than is required. I assure you that, first few days of making the planner, organising all the tasks will be easy. But, slowly you will feel like giving up, that is the moment when you gotta say to yourself, no I promised myself to walk on the journey of being independent, I ain’t gonna give up just when I am beginning! I am going to succeed and will be carrying it for the long run. When you say that to yourself and maintain consistency. Congratulations! my friend you already are on the path of being independent!
  2. Able to enjoy Alone time
    As a human, we crave company, we crave for attention. And when we are left alone, we get depressed and fall into misery, and we don’t know what to do? This is because we never ever enjoyed alone time. The time where we could enjoy being ourselves, the time where we would have become the greatest being of all time. Yes, it is hard to be able to enjoy alone time, but, it ain’t impossible. Start today by setting few hours where you are all just by yourself. At that time, you can sharpen your skills, start practising what you loved to do, listen to some music, perform karaoke, and there are billions of other ideas which you can do! If you start enjoying time with yourself, I promise you, you will never ever feel alone. You can travel the whole world, experience the beauty of other culture, without getting depressed. There are a lot of fun things to do when you are alone. Be your own best friend and live the reality which you always dreamed of as a fantasy!
  3. Being More Assertive
    Being assertive means finding the right balance for the things which you want to ask without being aggressive or rude. It is a key factor for having smooth communication without any negative feelings being involved. There are times when we feel like we could learn the habit of saying No so that we could stress less about something irrelevant. So, being assertive will help you learn your self worth and gain confidence.
  4. Being Responsible for the Mistakes made
    Everyone makes mistake, but the one who makes mistake accept it and find ways to improve the mistake make them different and stand out from the crowd. Yes, it is not easy to take the blame for something which didn’t go right as we planned. If it would go right, you would come in front and would proudly accept the thing to be done by you. But, in the other case where you committed a mistake, you would not come upfront to address it is done by you! Why so? Just because of the fear that what will people think of you? At the end of the day, that people won’t be keeping the guilt, you will be the one living with it, you will be the one who will be thinking and re-thinking of the scenario and will suffer. So, learn to be responsible for the mistakes that you have made, that will give you the opportunity of improving yourselves, and you will be proud.
  5. Always Finding a small amount of time reflecting on oneself
    As mentioned above, one needs to enjoy alone time, so that one can be themselves. If you want to be the greatest person or just say want to be the best version of yourself, you must know what are you doing now, what you want to do tomorrow, what are your weakness, what are your strength, how to improve them so on and on. For that, you must have a time on a day or let’s say on a week, where you sit down with yourself have these conversations with yourself find out the strategy and start walking on the path of improvement.
  6. Giving emotional support
    We exercise every day to keep our physical fitness, we eat according to the diet which we maintain just to keep ourselves fit. We do a lot of things that involve physical health. But, just take a pause and think, have you done anything or added anything to your list where you are doing something to maintain your emotional well-being? We are a being with emotions, emotions are something which when going off-balance the world which seems to have been the heaven will turn into hell. If you make sure to provide enough love, support and maintain the emotional side of yours, you will grow into a beautiful human being. You will see the most beautiful version of everything and will thank yourself for being and doing so. You will enjoy the things which only a few of them are able to enjoy. And in this way, you will add some sense to your total well-being and no matter what happens you will stay strong. You will grow more into the different relationships that you maintain, you will be more mature.
  7. Taking charge of the finances
    As the list goes on and on, we stuck when it comes to financing. If we go and take a look at our surrounding, we will find a lot of unnecessary things rather than the necessary ones, and we will find the main reason for our overwhelmed expenses and spending. Maintain a budget planner, where you list out the things you want to spend your money on and the areas where you will find your money being spent more than necessary cut the things out and start the habit of saving. Sometimes, you gotta enjoy spending, but wherever you spend it must be worth every penny.
  8. Establishing a habit
    So as I mentioned at the very beginning, “ Independent is not just a thought, it is to bring a set of few steps together to daily activities.” I already gave you a hint that these are the habits that one needs to form, one needs to maintain consistency, one needs to give more than the effort required. Cause once you fall into the sync, everything will begin to happen automatically.
  9. Staying grateful and appreciated
    Every day is a great and a new opportunity to find something and be grateful for being able to live this day. The food we eat, the home where we live, the friends which we surround ourselves with and many more. Everything is the reason for us to be grateful for. Even the mistakes which we make, since Thomas Edison said, “ I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”
  10. Add your own point to the list!
    We all are different. If something works for one, it might not work for others. Learn to accept and embrace who you really are and work on improving yourselves not others!

So, independence is a sense, it’s a feeling where we learn to enjoy our company, we learn to keep no expectations, we learn to have faith in ourselves, we learn to keep ourselves as the first priority. It’s the feeling which gives us the sense that whenever we are in a confusion, or in any problem the first help that we seek is from ourselves, trying to understand what went wrong, trying to figuring out, learning to understand ourselves better.
If you are surrounded by a good circle of friends, you know that you will always have their back in every situation.

But, are you sure of having your own back when things go tough?

Hope this article might have helped you to some point! Don’t forget to mention in the comment section below your idea of being independent! What

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