Don’t just be a producer. Be a philosopher!

Time is infinite,
No one knows what’s gonna happen tomorrow,
Cause we are too naive to even know what we have for the day …

She was unable to complete it, deep down something was happening to her which she was unaware of . She was trying to be there, attempting the best to regain her consciousness, but at the moment nothing was working. Something happened there, something perplexing. She wasted hours and hours compelling herself to sit at a place, just to complete the piece of writing which she started a week ago. She tried her best to hold the pen, focus her vision and jot down the ideas, but, she was unable to. Suddenly, her vision were blurry, stream of hot tears started to flow like a river. She could not help herself. She started questioning herself ,”What has my life become? When did I start to compel myself to do something that I love ? Writing is something that I am passionate about, I am someone who can turn any sort of imagination into an amazing world, I am someone who can create a masterpiece when I hold my sword. But, look at me now, here I am compelling myself to do something that I could get lost upon. What is seriously wrong with me?”
She started conjecturing, “ Am I so unworthy of my own talent? I thought it was something which would be my soulmate till the end of my life. I thought my imaginations, my words are my greatest assets. Why would my life turn into such a misery? Are there fault in my stars, too?”

The voices in her head whispering softly to her —

“Men at some time are masters of their fates:

The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,

But in ourselves, that we are underlings.”

— Cassius in Julius Caesar

“ I am missing something. Something which was there with me, but, not anymore,” a moment of Epiphany!

A teenage girl who makes sure the word crafted by her leave a deep impact on every soul.