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“One week to go,” she exclaimed with a whoop of delight and added, “It’s my birthday week and I am excited about the Birthday Gifts!

Happy Birthday

Birthday truly is an exciting part of everyone’s life. To express gratitude and gratefulness for the remarkable existence of individuals, a celebration is held on that specific day widely known as “Birthday.”

And, the Birthday, gives an opportunity for that individual’s friend circles, family members, distant relatives, friends and person, a chance to make them feel like they are the one and only, truly impeccable being present on that day!

As the birthday comes along, one even receives blessings, love and the feeling of specialness in the form of gifts. When the tradition of Birthday started, came along with the tradition of giving something to the birthday person, known to be a gift for remarking the day and making it memorable.

The birthday gift was meant to remark the thoughtfulness, but looking at today’s society, it has become the means for and of competition as well as materialistic possession.

BIRTHDAY Traditions

Birthdays weren't celebrated until the calendars were created. As the scholars who read the Bible state, “The earliest mention of a birthday was around 3,000 B.C.E. and was about a Pharaoh’s birthday. But further study implies that this was not their birth into the world, but their “birth” as a god. On the day of their birthday, the Egyptian pharaohs were crowned in ancient Egypt and were believed to have transformed into gods. This was a moment in their lives that became more important than even their physical birth.”

For different pagan cultures, they thought that the birthday welcomed evil spirits since it was the day of a major change. They lit candles in response to these spirits almost as if they represented a light in the darkness as a symbol for protection.

If we turn the pages from history, the tales of the Birthday goes on and on. No matter where it started from or who started it, we all celebrate this day welcoming joy, lighting and blowing up candles and singing the most beloved “Happy Birthday” song.

The Birthday Gift

As with the Birthday celebration came the tradition of giving gifts. Most of the traditions believed that the Birthday celebration indicates a major change that welcomes the Evil spirit. To stop the evil spirits, the candle is lit and blown on the birthday cake and the person is asked to make a wish.

If we take a look at history, when the celebration for the birthday started, it gave the reason for inviting all the close ones together for having fun. Since the day also symbolizes the welcoming of the evil spirit, people believed that if the birthday individual is surrounded with the closed ones, together they can fight the evil spirits.

Celebrating employee’s birthday in workplace
Celebrating employee’s birthday in workplace
Birthday Gift

We are social animals, so when the relatives/ close friends were invited to the celebration, they couldn't go empty-handed. They made sure to take something with them as a present whether it be a birthday cake or some handmade items, and many more like these kinds of stuff that acted as a symbol of thoughtfulness. And then began the tradition of the Birthday gift.

If we take a look now, the real meaning behind the birthday gift has totally changed.

Let’s take a look at the two scenarios state below:

Scenario One:

As I woke up, I found a piece of paper on my study table. I unfolded that paper and found a message stating, “Get ready, the game has begun. To find more about it, solve the riddle and follow the lead.” I was confused and was in a dilemma, though I decided to follow the lead, one after another I solved and it took me further, and finally I reached the last clue, where the message stated, “ Close your eyes and turn around.” Till that moment, I was clueless thinking, about what actually is happening to me. I followed it, though I was scared from inside thinking what might happen the moment I turn around.

As I turned around, the people in front of me screamed, “Happy Birthday Idiot”, and then when I opened my eyes, I saw my friends, standing in front of a cute little picnic spot where the foods were arranged and kept over a piece of cloth with a cake over which was a numbered candle indicating how old I am.

Birthday Celebration

At that very moment, I found myself really special, loved and blessed. I was euphoric.

Scenario two:

As usual, the alarm went off and I managed to get out of bed. But, today was something different. I heard noises outside my room. As I opened my door, there were a bunch of people, some were busy decorating, some were busy arranging the dishes. I went to look around where I spotted my parents discussing with the event manager. I went near them with a smile, but they simply nodded to my presence.

Then, I returned to my room. The day went by with all the noises and clattering of dishes, but, not a single soul wished me. In the evening, my mum entered my room with a dress and then she wished me, “Happy Birthday my child, get dressed, the party is soon to be started.” For a moment, I felt happy that my mum wished me, but part of me was sad. I got dressed up and went outside, there were guests all over the house. Most of the guests were my dad’s business partners and my mum’s friends and their children. They greeted me and wished me a happy birthday. I thought, “ It’s my birthday and I see nothing and no one related to me. Neither they asked me for what dishes I would like to have, nor the friends I would like to invite.” I took a glass of wine, swirled around and walked from one spot to another carrying a smile until I was called in front for cutting the cake. At that moment, my father handed me a car’s key as a birthday gift and my mum gave me a necklace in front of everyone.

Everybody sang the birthday song and I finally cut my cake. I received a lot of gifts, and they were all expensive items.

Expensive birthday gifts| Louis Vuitton items
Expensive birthday gifts| Louis Vuitton items
Birthday Gifts

As the party was over, with a sigh, I went to sleep.

Which from the above given two scenarios would you prefer to live in?

Personally speaking, I would choose scenario one as my birthday gift. It reflects the specialness one wish to live on their birthday along with the happiness and fun moment with the friends and many more.

Remember, the best present anyone can give, is being there for their loved ones.

James Hauenstein

I am not trying to say one needs to be gifted with wonderful gaming or expensive scenario as their gift. Just saying Happy birthday, giving the birthday individual a note and being present there with them on their birthday would be more meaningful and special rather than presenting extravagantness.

Birthday gift ideas for a teenager
Birthday gift ideas for a teenager

What would you like to be given as the birthday gift from your parents, your close friends, and your loved one?

Don't forget to share your thought on it!

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