Why Breakup?

When the circuit was expected to be in Series, but, went Parallel

I had a daydreamer friend who would love to spend hours and hours fantasizing about the qualities he wanted to have in his girlfriend. He would keep a few of us aside him and would say, “ Listen, guys, I am really waiting for the day when I will meet a girl who would look beautiful even without makeup on, who would cherish all the beautiful moments spend together, who would ask me about my whereabouts, who would ask me how my day go and who would love to go exploring out in the nature with me.” We would all nod at his thoughts, and, when we would try to give him a heads up, he wouldn't let us speak.

Simple series circuit
Simple series circuit
Series connection exemplifying Togetherness
Parallel circuit diagram
Parallel circuit diagram
Parallel circuit exemplifying Breakup

Noone is perfect, we must respect the differences we have and learn to walk together understanding each other’s expectations, opinions and points of view. Daydreaming is good, but obsessing with it is fatal.

I don’t know where he is and how is he doing right now. But, from that day till our school days were over, we saw the improvement in him. And to which we were really happy.

Couple holding hand
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All the matters at the end of the day are your perspective and the way you make yourself think.

  1. Lack of effective Communication
  2. Comparison
    And the list goes on and on.
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