When feelings start to turn into strong emotions ...

A teenage girl who was busy exploring the world, every time taking moments out to realize what the mother nature has to offer. She carried the curiosity like a child, never saying no to an adventure, would love to roam around and having some chit chats with strangers. She never really cared about the time which concluded her to be carefree by nature.

But, she was unknown to something. Something she didn’t know will change her living.

As usual, she was attending an event, where she was busy making new friends. She talked with all, had some fun conversations with a few and then something happened. She was drawn to a pair of eyes which didn’t even make her realize that she was staring into his eyes. She wanted to talk with that guy and compliment him for having such an attractive pair of eyes. But, for the very first time, she could not help herself even to try. She watched him sitting on a bench which was a little farby. And she gave a quick note to herself, “I must go, ask his name and give him a quick compliment. This is a perfect time.” But, whenever she tried to make a conversation with that guy, someone or something always interrupted her, which made her says, “Later.” She didn’t even know his name nor where he is from cause the end had come to an end. For her, she kept him inside her mental diary with a note, “If I am destined to meet you, I will surely one day.”

With this thought, she closed the chapter which made her forgot about the encounter.
Until one day,
when she was confronted with the same pair of eyes. She could not believe that it was the same pair of eyes. Besides which she even found out, he is in the same team as hers. She could not believe the sight which was taking place in front of her.
To the world outside, she was the same outgoing, carefree and talkative girl. But, to her inner world, her heartbeat was thumping out loud, sweats were running down her spines, the body was covered with the goosebumps. Yet, she acted normal.
And it was the day when she finally got the chance to have a quick conversation with him. However, she could not compliment him.

“What an oddball with a mysterious pair of eyes”, she thought before drifting off to sleep that night.

Few months had passed by after his appearance in her life. She talked to him as she would with her all the friends, yet something was always special for him. She even organized a few events with his help, took him to the places she loved visiting often, shared the opinions that she would have about everything. She was enjoying his company.
Till then, she knew nothing, did not even observe any change taking place within her. Neither she realized those slightest moments which were causing her mouth drop with awe! Nor those sweet gestures those were making her fall even more.

One day, she with her friends went for a hike where he tagged along. As usual, she was enjoying her own company when her friends began to notice. They were amused, happy, yet confused by her behaviour. But, none of them said a single word to her. After a long day hike, they returned. As customary, she with her two close friends sat down for the conversations where they discussed the trip, all those funny moments, all those stupid poses and about the food. During the conversations without making it obvious, they just tried to know about her feelings. To which she responded, “We are just good friends.”

With that, the conversations with her friends came to an end since they had a tiring day so they all went to sleep. However, she could not sleep. In her mind, she kept replaying all the conversations which she had before with her friends. She was in the verse of crying, cause she was not able to understand what actually was happening. She could not come into the conclusion. She was in the state of deep thoughts, which did not make her realize the sun had already come up.

She never realized that she could be captivated by the feelings. For a person like her, “ It was a big no!”
But, his presence changed every perspective she ever had. He was someone who could not be overlooked or ignored.

Thus, he became her Zahir.


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A teenage girl who makes sure the word crafted by her leave a deep impact on every soul.

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A teenage girl who makes sure the word crafted by her leave a deep impact on every soul.